Case Studies

Woodlands School Harrow

Working with: 2004 to present

Woodlands has 135 pupils aged 3-11 years with a range of complex and profound learning difficulties. These include severe autism, medical conditions, physical difficulties severe developmental delay.

FrontLine began working with Woodland when the school was preparing to move to the premises they are in today. Because many of the children at Woodland find change difficult it was important to support staff to deal with the challenges that lay ahead.


We delivered two Embracing Change courses: One before they moved, and another after the move. The courses helped staff and children to develop strategies to embrace and manage all the changes they were dealing with and to draw on the strengths and wisdom they already had.

Since the start of our relationship with Woodlands, we have continued to deliver regular EI level 1&2 training. Focus has been on developing strategies which allow the school to live their values, vision and purpose in every aspect of the school – every day.

FrontLine has supported both Woodland’s senior leadership team and the admin team with Dream Team training for over six years.

Developing Woodland’s coaching skills within the whole team means we can help the entire school be the best it can be.

We have delivered this course with the teaching staff who wanted to practice having challenging conversations with parents.


We also deliver the course to the entire school’s staff focusing on how to communicate within their teams and across teams.

Cath Corrie has been coaching the head teacher on a one-to-one basis for five years, the previous head teacher for five years and the deputy head teacher and business manager for three years. Cath has also team coached the senior leadership team twice each year for six years and the admin team for four years.

FrontLine provided a range of training to our staff and parents on emotional intelligence which shaped the school culture and helped us to define our vision. I see the principles they taught us being applied by staff at my school in their interactions with each other, pupils, and parents.


I began to work with Cath as my coach when I became the deputy head teacher and it was the best CPD that the school could have offered to me. Cath has supported me in my thinking, helping me to stay focused on what I can control and change instead of the difficulties. When I became the head teacher I realised how important it was to have someone to talk to on the outside.  She has guided me on my journey into a different leadership position and provided me the foundation for growth and success.

Anna Smakowska -Headteacher, Woodlands School

South East London Accountable Cancer Network

Working with: 2018-present

SELACN was established to help ensure that local patients get the best possible coordinated care. The network focuses on providing increased access to services, improving waiting times and delivering excellent outcomes and experience for patients.

FrontLine was asked by SELACN to deliver an advanced communication skills programme to all its staff, including consultants, doctors and specialist nurses. We delivered the first 20 course in under two years. With over 200 staff having completed the training, the feedback was that it was the best course they had ever done and that you could see on the wards who had completed the training and who hadn’t.

“I felt very safe and not judged and enjoyed it more than I expected. I had one or two eureka moments, which is great as I was a skeptic at the outset.”

UGI Gastroenterologist – Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Willen Hospice

Worked with: 2015-present

Willen Hospice provides a wide range of services to assist terminally ill people, their friends and families. The hospice is close to many people’s hearts because of the compassionate, personal end-of-life care they provide for free, both at the beautiful Willen Lake hospice and in people’s homes.

FrontLine was approached by Willen Hospice to deliver a communication course for all their band 6 (and under) staff.  Five years on and we are still running this interactive half-day. Its popularity is due to there being two actors present, which means participants can practice a lot of communication live without having to role-play themselves.

Willen Hospice has shown great commitment to raising its emotional intelligence, having funded this particular course twice, both times  releasing 30 staff members from work to attend, once in thick snow.

Willen wanted a way for staff to learn from a communication complaint they had received from a relative. We were asked to interview the relative and staff involved and use the insight gained to make a training video for staff. The video had to represent everyone with compassion, keep the heart of the complaint and be unidentifiable to the staff involved. Clips can be seen on our production page.


We have now been asked to design a course for staff using the video. We will then train members of the Willen education team to deliver the course to make this training sustainable to them.

We have used Front Line Communication Training Ltd for a number of years to help us plan and deliver communication training for our staff and external candidates within the Milton Keynes area.


The team have been extremely easy to work with as they take time to listen to our ideas, whilst ensuring the training is fit for purpose for environment we work in.


More recently, the team have been instrumental in producing a short training video to help us consolidate learning further. From beginning to end the team have remained professional.


Olivia and her team have also deliver several emotional intelligence educational session, which had a great impact on individuals. The session was planned well and executed to a high standard.


We have enjoyed working with the team at Frontline and look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Marilyn David – Associate Director of Quality, Compliance & Governance