Training Scenarios



Group courses for teams of all sizes.



Courses for organisations of all sizes.



Courses for individuals within companies and organisations. One-to-one coaching

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We have been using “Frontline Communication” to deliver our “Advance Communication Skills Training “ for the last 7 years and the training has been first class . There has always been excellent feedback from the participants on the training they delivered”

Kay Daley – Learning & Development, St Josphes Hospice

Training Courses

People problems – even if they appear relatively small – can have a big impact on business success, customer satisfaction, staff retention and even profit.


FrontLine supports organisations and the people within them to understand the challenges they face and develop strategies to consistently overcome them.


In this fast paced, ever changing world, people can feel overwhelmed, stressed, undervalued, disconnected and burnt out.


FrontLine works with people where they truly are and understands the dedication it takes to consistently overcome these challenges – every day. Our dedication comes from knowing that the results are greatly rewarding, not just for work but for life.


  • Create the vision of your best self
  • Develop awareness of what gets in the way of success
  • Learn strategies, models and tools to help you consistently choose

Skills Training

  • Choose the impact of your communication on others
  • Understand the power of intention and purpose
  • Learn structure, facilitating skills and techniques to support your vision
  • Rehearse challenging conversations
  • Experience the gift of connection

Creating the
dream team

  • Create the vision of your dream team
  • Understand how you work as a team
  • Agree your collective purpose and values
  • Make the dream sustainable


  • One-to-one coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Solutions delivered in a supportive ‘thinking’ environment

Becoming an emotional intelligent organisation

  • Know the values, behaviours and purpose needed by all to achieve the vision
  • Learn strategies, models and tools to help you consistently choose
  • Learn sustainability strategies
  • One-to-one and team coaching

The Trainers

  • Become an emotional intelligence trainer
  • Use the Accelerated Learning Cycle framework
  • Design and deliver training that supports all learning styles
  • Create a ‘thinking ‘environment
  • Use role-play and actors
  • Learn coaching techniques and exercises

Creating a
Coaching Culture

  • Support the team/organisation to create the vision of the dream culture
  • Teach coaching skills and techniques to optimise communication across appraisals and general feedback
  • Bring about problem-solving, positive change and innovation


  • Create a vision of change
  • Understand resistance to change and what people need to embrace it
  • Decide what wisdom and experience you are taking with you
  • Decide what you are leaving behind

Communicating with Care

  • Choose the impact you want your communication to have
  • Understand the power of intention and purpose
  • Communicate the message clearly and check if communication has been effective
  • Learn structure and facilitating skills to support your vision

Human Power Sales Training

  • Find your ‘why’
  • Understand the power of intention and purpose
  • Understand the emotions of sales
  • Sales strategies and processes
  • Prospecting