Advanced Communication Skills Training



FrontLine has a long history providing role-play actors and facilitators for advanced communication skills training for HCP’s, but in 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic caused us to re-think the delivery of that well established training.

Investing heavily in technology and redeveloping the course materials, workshop & facilitators, we created a unique blended learning solution: a combination of
video eLearning, 1:1 coaching and a 2-day online workshop supported by 5 of our staff.

This course has produced amazing results across the board, with exceptional feedback from participants and our clients & partners.

Taking this exceptional foundation from our ACST programme, we also develop courses suited across all bands and for all the communication needs of our clients.

Developed and designed by our in-house team of experts, with a range of heath care experience. We are proud of the exceptional feedback we receive, and
constantly reflect and adjust our programmes for improvement. The relationship with our clients is one of partnership, with some expanding to working with us on national training models, and others helping to reach more HCP’s. So book whole courses with us, or take a look at our pay-per-place ACST partnerships further below.

Blended Learning

We’ve developed an exceptional and unique blended learning experience.

Individual Coaching

30 minute 1:1 coaching, around 1 week prior to the workshop

Create a unique communication challenge for role-play


Access to eLearning 1 month prior to workshop

Short videos on skills, models, theory & example role-plays


Online or in-person experiential workshop

Each participant role-play’s their real world scenario

Key Features


16x bite-sized training videos & reflection questions

4x Role-Play preparation videos and questionnaire

2/3 hours total commitment, 1 month prior to workshop

10x Participants per course, role-play for each

Short days: 9am until 2:30pm

5x Staff on hand: Facilitators, Actors & Zoom Manager



A few of our partners offer individual seats on their ACST courses to other trusts, hospices, charities and care organisations. 

So for those that have the need to bring ACST to their team, but do not have the resources or numbers to organise full course bookings directly with us, you can still book places on ACST courses with these partners, knowing it’s powered by us at FrontLine.  

our PPP partners

key benefits

It was well-presented and well-structured. The ACST course has given me the knowledge, confidence, skills, and helpful approaches in uncertainty and difficult situations in my practice.
CNS, Kings College Hospital
Liv and her colleagues at Frontline Communications are trusted providers of communication skills training. Their experience and expertise means that they provide very high-quality advanced communication skills training, which is well-evaluated by students. Frontline Communications constantly seek to improve their offer, are open and transparent collaborators and are pleasure to work with.
Dr Verna Lavender
Head of Guy’s Cancer Academy UK
I found the course really helpful and feel I truly have learnt a lot about myself and strategies I can use to enhance communications with patients. I wish I had the course sooner!
Speech and Language Therapist, GCA